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TIGXA has lived a life of so many degrees. He has made and lost friends on both sides of the moral line.
Most importantly he is the only one who has tamed his demons. The only one who faced them and walked through the pain allowing him to channel it.
He now harnesses that energy and is called upon by those who need help....but...with so much new power how does he know when to use it?
When it's time to take decisive action that could affect so many, who's to say what's right?
How can he know he is making the right decision?


Meet VICA, a spy and master of disguise.
With a razor sharp judge of character and instinct, there is little that surprises VICA.
If you need information, if you need to hear the whispers, the mood - there is no one better.
But it won’t be cheap



Being shorter than other T-Rex's, PayRoll has alot to prove. Even though he's a famous rapper he still craves for attention and recognition.
While he idolises TIGXA, he secretly wonders why he left music at the height of his career.
Either way PayRoll is out to beat everybody on the charts and be the biggest name no matter what it takes.

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Alyce is in her own dreamland. An island girl in a big city and somewhat of drug dealer. She produces an cloud drug that stimulates the serotonin hormone making you - well - blissfully happier.
Somewhat inevitably she also affects the reality of the world around her at a higher frequency than anyone else. Meaning if she is happy the energy in her proximity is contagious and almost tangible.
Safe to say it's best to keep her happy, fortunately she is of a sunny disposition, but still.


#T01 Don't Like Me

#T01 Don't Like Me