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Scoring a Warner Bros. Live show - Scarecrow [bass walkthrough]

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

I think scoring is the ultimate test for a composer and producer. You have to support the production and pull the invisible strings, so to speak.

The brief was family friendly horror, but we wanted to push it abit further and so sometimes the children in the audience would cry, hahah loved it. Horror is actually really fun to sound design and score because you can explore dissonance and get experimental with sound. This video walks through a monstrous bass sound design which was one of the key tones in the score. This was the first show where we could utilize all 15 speakers giving a surround immersive experience. I had to program and coordinate with the show technicians on aligning the audio, EQ and levels. Not easy but so rewarding each sound had to intentionally placed. I recorded the voice actors, in addition; composing, producing and directing all of the music. And mixing. Basically every single audio aspect of the show. Produced in Ableton Live All rights reserved.

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