(Quoted Tweets have users handles x Some are loosely quote - because rhyming)


Verse 1:

Your MCM the type of dude to like his own pics

Your MCM be thinking that this song is so deep

Your MCM is still tryna learn to dougie

- @averageasf

Your MCM be stuntin but he owe me money

- @BreannaDeannn


I bet you don’t know

Bet you don’t know x4

He get up in the morning just to tweet “Rise and grind/get this money”

Then he take his ass back to sleep

- @MusicTaryn


Chorus A:

I’m just humming the words x4

Chorus B:

How the lurking working for ya?


Verse 2:

Your MCM just asked me for a follow back/

His baby mama call him he don’t holla back/

Man he watches Naruto in English/

- @Jeremy_More

He says he woke but he still ain’t got no queer friends/

I bet you don’t know

Bet you don’t know x4

Yo MCM be acting like he ticklish

Like damn bro stop ackin like you ticklish


Yo MCM done bust a nut at first base

His girlfriend told me bout it back at her place

Thursday – throwback – errday

He living in the past

Yo MCM peaked in the first grade

- Matt Grispo @MatthewGrispo

In my exes inbox/ hittin up the gym but

Only muscle he ain’t using is the one that’s from the chin up

Look stop frontin you been a fan

Trollin all on my instagram

I am your WCW’s MCM


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